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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mumford and Sons

 Mumford and  Sons are an awesome band!

I love everything about Mumford & Sons; their songs, their charisma, their attitude, and their voices. I have been fortunate enough see Mumford & Sons live twice, once at Glastonbury Music Festival and once in New York. They definitely didn't disappoint! Each gig was performed flawlessly.

Not only are these four Londoners great live singers, but they have great personality's which always come out during their shows. Both times the boys worked the crowd, and had us all craving to hear more by the end.  I can honestly say this gig has been one of best in terms of euphoric atmosphere.

During both gigs Mumford & Sons performed their popular hits Sigh No More, Little Lion Man and The Cave as well as new material such as the unreleased song, Below My Feet.  

Since finishing their US tour, Mumford & Sons have been working on their next album which is said to be "Doom folk, kind of like Black Sabbath meets Nick Drake." I urge you all to get tickets to see them as it is really is a gig not to be missed.

Tour dates: 
1st Aug. Pier A - Hoboken, NJ
7th Aug. Marvin Sands Performing Arts - Canandaigua, NY

For more information regarding tickets and their N. American and Australia tour check out:

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