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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Joe Purdy

I love this guy. 

Joe Purdy is an American folk singer from Arkansas who to has released ten albums: "Stompingrounds," "Julie Blue," "Only Four Seasons," "Paris in the Morning," "You Can Tell Georgia," "Canyon Joe," "Take My Blanket and Go," "Last Clock On the Wall," "4th of July," "This American," and "Joe Purdy."

Although I have yet to see Joe Purdy live, I am a huge fan who hopes to be able to one day. For me Purdy's music is immensely heart wrenching and emotional. I can always rely on a Joe Purdy album when I'm seeking that perfect downtown and chill sound.

Even if you have not heard of this artist before, it is likely you have heard some of his music. Purdy's songs are frequently played on many popular American television shows such as Greys Anatomy and Lost. Songs that I particularly like by Purdy include "I Love The Rain The Most," "Ode To Sad Clown" and "Wash Away."

Joe Purdy is certainly one of those truly underrated artist. Despite not receiving the same level of credit and attention as similar artists of this genre, like Ray LaMontagne, Purdy continues to tour and give exceptionally great performances.

With his guitar and signature long beard, Purdy doesnt rely on any gismos or impressive sets. Instead Purdy captures his audience by singing simple but intimate folk songs that tell a story. I would definitely urge you to see this guy live if folk music is your calling.

Tour Dates:
13th November. City Winery - NYC

For more information regarding tickets and tour dates for his N. American tour check out:

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