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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The National Review

A phenomenal band. I first saw The National live when they performed in Birmingham back in 2008.

The National are an indie band from Ohio. By no means new, this band has been around since 1999. From then until now they have released five albums; "The National," "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers," "Alligator," my personal favorite "Boxer," and "High Violet."

Although this band has released little since their last album "High Violet," (2010) they did recently debut three  of their new upcoming singles; Lola, Sullivan and Prime. They have also just announced that later in the year they will be releasing an LP (dates tbc).

Although their material is labeled as dark and melancholy, I find their songs to be hugely thought provoking and uplifting. Seeing these boys live is pretty special - although far from a crazy and wild night, the gig will leave you feeling both satisfied and content. During one of the shows in which I got to see the perform live, Matt Berninger jumped into the crowd mid song and continued his performance submersed into the crowd - it was awesome!

Something that stood out to me while watching Matt Berninger, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and Scott and Bryan Devendorf is how good they sound both on and off record. Lead singer and frontman, Matt Berninger has such deep distinctive vocals it is clear why this band has managed to capture such a worldwide following.

I really urge you to see these guys live. I have been thoroughly impressed each time I have seem them live, and would definitely jump at the chance of seeing them again (for a 4th time!).

Tour Dates:
21-24th March. Brooklyn Academy of Music - Brooklyn, NY
5th June. Barclays center - Brooklyn, NY

For further information regarding tickets and/or tour dates, check out:

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