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Monday, May 20, 2013

Citizen Cope Review

Looking for a chilled out artist? Citizen Cope is your answer. 

Citizen Cope is an American songwriter and producer from Memphis, Tennessee. If you have not heard of this singer but like Trevor Hall (Supported for Citizen Cope ), Dispatch, O.A.R, and Amos Lee, than this singer is for you.

I was fortunate enough to see Citizen Cope live last year in NYC and was certainly not left disappointed. Citizen Cope, the pseudonym of Clarence Greenwood, has a number of great alternative rock songs including "Mr Officer," "Bullet And A Target" and my personal favorite "Son's Gonna Rise."

The set list for when I went to see him live in  NYC included "Bullet and a Target, Hurricane Waters, Every Waking Moment, Healing Hands, Pablo Picasso, If There's Love, Let the Drummer Kick, Coming Back, Keep Asking, Off the Ground, I Couldn't Explain Why, Back Together, Son's Gonna Rise, Lifeline, Salvation and Sideways."

In terms of excitement and spontaneity this gig does not score high, but don't let that put you off. Clarence Greenwood is the definition of "chilled out." A gig based entirely around the music, there is little fuss and absolutely no gimmicks or crowd banter. Surprisingly though I still had a great night. The energetic atmosphere created from the buzzing sell out crowd was electrifying.

When Clarence and his band appeared on stage, there were no jokes or introductions - just Clarence going straight into the first song of the evening. Overall if you are a fan of this group than you really do have to see them live. The quality of Clarence Greenwood's voice had the whole crowd enticed and hanging onto his every word. It was an extremely enjoyable, chilled out evening listening to excellent live music.

Tour dates
13th July. City Winery - NYC
14th July. City Winery - NYC
15th July. City Winery - NYC
16th July. City Winery - NYC
28th July. Asbury Park - NJ

For more information regarding tickets and his N. American tour dates check out:

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