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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bipolar Sunshine

I love this artist.

Adio Marchant, more commonly known as Bipolar Sunshine is a solo artist from Manchester. I came across Bipolar Sunshine purely by accident when I was spending an evening watching youtube videos. Formerly a member of Kid British, Adio now is concentrating on his solo career.

So far Bipolar Sunshine has posted two singles 'Rivers' and my personal favorite 'Fire.' To listen to them check out: Bipolar Sunshine singles.

As someone who recognises his style of music isn't for everyone, Bipolar Sunshine isn't afraid of taking risks. True, some people will hate it, but I for one love it. I would strongly urge you to check him out!

Bipolar Sunshine is releasing an EP, 'Aesthetics' on June 17th.

Tour Dates: 
20th June. Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen - London
21st June. Soup Kitchen - Manchester

For more information regarding tour dates and tickets check out:

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