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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


World renowned DJ.

Avicii is a swedish DJ that made it big after he his single "Levels" (2011) reached top ten in twelve different countries.

For those ravers out there, Avicii promises to deliver the set of your life. Expect mashups, remixes, beats, flashing lights and blaring music. Its going to be a party and you will love it!! There will not be one person stood still or looking bored and checking their watches. Expect dancing and regrettably a hell of a lot of sweating.

Don't expect Avicii to talk much. An insanely talented guy who lets his music do all the talking, you can be sure of one highly energetic and electrifying performance. Buy tickets - it will be a night you have never lived before.
Tour Dates: 
24-15th August. Creamfields Andalusia Festival - Halton, UK 
10th September. Event Center, Turning Stone Resort and Casino - NY, USA
13th September. Broome County Arena - NY, USA
27th September. Radio City Music Hall  - NYC 

For more information regarding tickets and tour dates check out:

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