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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetics

Love this band.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetics are an American indie folk band from LA. What sets this band apart from all other indie folk bands out there is the pure number of band members it has! The band consists of; Alex Ebert (vocals, guitar, percussion, piano), Jade Castrinos, Stewart Cole, Josh Collazo, Orpheo McCord, Nora Kirkpatrick, Christian Letts, Seth Ford-Young, Mark Noseworthy and Aaron Arntz - yes that is 10 members!!! On top of the ten mentioned there are also 8/9 additional members who help with general percussion and instruments.

Whenever I listen to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetics I find myself smiling and jamming along to the beat. Their music is insanely catchy and uplifting, and leaves the listener with the impression of a band just having one big musical party. It is clear this huge band is doing what they love most - creating great folk music.

To date, this band have released two albums; "Up From Below," and "Here." Songs which have proven to be hugely popular from their albums are: 40 Day Dream, Janglin and Home. My personal favorites are Man on Fire, and Mayla.

In terms of live performances you can be sure of a great evening. Likened to being 'one big family' on stage, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetics all perform with such enthusiasm and passion it becomes impossible for the audience not to join in. Expect an active (sold out) crowd - i'm talking singing, clapping, stomping...oh and sweating!! Hey it's party!!!

So if Mumford and Sons and Alabama Shakes are your calling than you would be a fool to ignore this band.

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Tour dates: 
26th July.  Xponential Music Festival - Camden, NJ

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