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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gold Panda

If electronic music is your thing than you HAVE to check this guy out.

Gold Panda (real name Derwin Panda) is a musical composer, performer and producer from London, UK. I first came across this artist when his single Trust was played on Radio 1.

Despite signing with a record label in 2010, Gold Panda has yet to make it mainstream. In 2010 he released his debut album "Lucky Shiner" which in 2011 won him "The Guardian First album award for the best debut." As for this year, Gold Panda has so far released an EP, "Trust."

In terms of performances this guy is one cool dude. Wearing a hoodie, Gold Panda lets his music do the talking. While many have been put off by his seemingly disengaging stage presence, others have looked beyond this and enjoyed the sublime music that he so effortlessly creates.

Word to the wiser however this type of music is not for everyone, and so as much as I and many others love it, this wont be everyones cup of tea. Saying that, I do urge you to keep an open mind when hearing this, as Gold Panda really does create the most exquisite mixes and sounds (Like Totally).

Tour Dates: 
11th May. Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
12th June. Electric Brixton - London, UK

For more information regarding tickets and (Aus/NZ/ N.America/ European) tour dates, check out:

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