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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lauren Aquilina

An upcoming artist sure to break through.

Lauren Aquilina is a seventeen year old singer/songwriter from Berkshire, UK. Half british and half Matlese, this young girl is proving to be very popular. Her debut single Fools, which she self released, has already become a hit in Malta - reaching number 1 in the iTunes charts.

When listening to Lauren Aquilina I am very much reminded of Daughter. Her soft and (at times) haunting voice matches the beauty and emotion that Elena Tonra is able to produce through her music. It is clear from her style and material that the likes of Ellie Goulding, Sara Bareilles and Laura Marling have been strong influences in her own musical development.

I would check this one out - it wont be long before she is a frequent play on the radio.

Tour Dates:
5th September. The Fleece - Bristol
6th September. Sound Control - Manchester
7th September. Beanscene - Glasgow
8th September. University of northumbria - Newcastle Upon Tyne
10th September. The Cockpit - Leeds
11th September. HMV Institute - Birmingham
12th September. The Borderline - London

For more information regarding tickets and tour dates check out:

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Winckler said...

Like music and love music. Hearing awesome and the best way of passing time forever.